You’ve Found The Easy-Does-It Dental Practice

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Afraid of your visit to the dental clinic?

Does the simple thought of having an approaching dentist visit induce nervousness?

Have you ever, previously, postponed (indefinitely) scheduled dental hygiene appointments or preventive dental procedures due to your fear and anxiety?

If so, you are in good company. Stressful concerns triggered by dental care is a pretty widespread cause for stress. You are not the only one. Did you realize that practically 50% of the general public begin to feel leery or apprehensive when it comes to thinking of going to the dentist or having any procedure done there?

With “No-Fear dentistry, you can truly breathe easy.

One of our key intentions is to be able to make all our patients genuinely feel soothed and comfortable in any sort of dental appointment.

If you go with a dental team who cares for, and empathizes with you, Dr. Sanders and Dr. Loe say that  very little could allow them to fail you.

We promise that we will at no time make any patient feel embarrassed with regard to their dental needs, and we try to empathize with and attend to patients as unique individuals. Our team is gifted at helping even our most fearful patients, as well as people who have particular requirements, feel better. We are going to do almost anything to tailor the consultation to your requirements and considerations – even if this could mean that, during your dental appointment, we simply sit down together to take care of your fears.

There are a multitude of trusted anti-anxiety meds and anesthetics offered to block any physical discomfort, and to decrease any nervousness you may feel during dental treatments. Our dental office is also specifically prepared to let you feel more comfortable by eliminating a lot of the sights, noises and smells of the out-dated dental office you may relate to your childhood dental trips.

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