Sedation Dentistry

Sanders-Loe-NitrousSome patients have a stronger fear or anxiety over having dental treatment and we are able to deal with those concerns very successfully. The most important approach is for the dentists and staff to be genuinely caring about the patient’s concerns and to be able to discuss the anxiety and offer a range of solutions for different patients.

There are different techniques and medications for dealing with patient’s anxieties. Inhaling a mixture of Nitrous Oxide(laughing gas) and Oxygen works very well with children and most adults to reduce anxiety. The patient is still awake but is much more relaxed and doesn’t care about what is occurring. When the procedure is completed, the patient breathes pure oxygen for a few minutes and is able to drive themselves home.

For the patients who want to be “put out” and have no awareness of the procedure and no memory of the process, we can provide IV Sedation which is administered by a Certified Nurse Anesthetist whose only role during the procedure is to monitor the patient’s health. An IV Sedation is slower to wear off and requires the patient to have someone drive them home. IV Sedation is available for all dental treatments including: cleanings, fillings, wisdom teeth removal, implant placements and routine extractions.