New Patients

Sanders-Loe-New-PatientsWe have many patients who refer their family, friends or coworkers to our office. We are honored by that vote of confidence in our office, staff and dentists. We strive to treat you the way that we treat our own families. You will be treated as a person, not an appointment. Every person’s background is different. We never criticize something you should or shouldn’t have done in the past. Our concern is how we can help you have teeth and a smile for the future.

The first step is to call our office and talk to Cori, Maryann or Suanne to get an initial appointment for you. At that time we will determine if you have an emergency which needs to be seen right away or if you need a routine cleaning appointment.

Office-photos-154For a routine cleaning appointment, we will meet you, discuss your health history and determine your primary dental concern. Then we will discuss which X-rays you might need. Your hygienist will take your X-rays and clean your teeth if there are no contraindications or significant periodontal concerns. Then Dr. Sanders or Dr. Loe will perform a complete examination including an oral cancer screening. Many times, all of your needed treatment will be discussed right then and appointments scheduled to complete the work.

Some patients need more extensive work and it will be necessary to spend more time discussing alternatives before a decision can be reached. Sometimes it is also advantageous to submit a preauthorization to your insurance carrier prior to deciding on a course of treatment. We are glad to do that for you. Some patients simply want to go home and consider their options before deciding on a course of treatment. Then they let us know what they would like to do.

Many of our patients have time constraints and we will work very hard to minimize the number of trips necessary to complete the work which needs to be done.

It is our intent to meet your needs in such a way that you will want to refer in your family, friends and coworkers as well.