Full and Partial Dentures

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Anyone with common dentures knows that eating a steak or biting on an apple is always risky because your dentures may slide and slip as they lose their connection to your gums.

The answer to this is getting the denture mounted on implants in your jaw. Implant-supported dentures secure the denture in position, offering individuals peace of mind that their dentures are not going to slip while speaking or eating in public.

An implant-supported denture is a variety of denture which is supported by, and mounted on, dental implants which are anchored in the jaw. A normal denture sits on the gums and is likely to fit less firmly in the mouth. The actual implants are put into the jaw and attach to the jawbone creating an anchor. If a particular person has adequate bone in the jaw to allow for implants, an implant-supported denture is ideal. This kind of denture has unique attachments which connect onto the implants, enabling the denture to feel firm and secure.

Patients say the implant-supported dentures help make their everyday life more pleasurable, permitting them to possibly even eat caramel at a get together and never having to be worried about the dentures sticking together.

Patients typically select from a fixed or a detachable implant-supported denture. A detachable denture permits the patient to wash the denture easier, whereas a fixed denture is constantly worn in the mouth, permitting the patient to feel like they are real teeth. Both types have their advantages and the needs of the patient can guide Dr. Sanders and Dr. Loe in the best recommendation.

Implant-supported dentures or partials can bring back natural function and a confident smile for people who might be lacking many or all of their teeth. Contact us today for more information.