Are You the Right Candidate To Get a Dental Implant?

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Sanders & Loe Dentistry Dental Implant Candidate 6Get qualified advice of Dr. Sanders and Dr. Loe to find out if you are a good candidate for a dental implant. Be certain that you question Dr. Sanders and Dr. Loe about their considerable training in implant dentistry. Like other kinds of oral surgery, dental implant placement takes a certain degree of experience and training that a lot of dentists just don’t have. Dr. Sanders and Dr. Loe have been placing dental implants in Aurora for many years.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, then you’re a probable candidate for dental implants. Dr. Sanders or Dr. Loe will take a look at your teeth along with gums and also check your bone density. Dr. Sanders or Dr. Loe will do x-rays and maybe a dental CT scan to make certain you possess adequate bone structure to put in the dental implant. Computer imaging ensures that dental implants can be positioned in exactly the perfect location in the bone.

It is very important that you are healthy. In case you have a medical condition, for example, cancer, diabetes or advanced periodontal (gum) disease, or if you smoke or are an alcoholic, chances are you’ll require additional treatment prior to when the tooth implant can be put in. It is essential to be upfront with your dentist concerning medical conditions and any drugs you’re currently taking, no matter if they’re prescribed medications, alternative (herbal) treatments, nutritional supplements, over-the-counter medications or, finally, any street drugs.

After you have your implants, keep in mind good dental hygiene is very important. Make sure to brush your teeth and floss regularly. Our Hygienist will give advice on how to brush and floss the dental implant.

Replacing missing teeth is for a great deal more than just having a nice-looking smile. Replacing missing teeth will help you improve your quality of life. You are going to yet again gain your capability to eat fruits such as apples, or vegetables such as carrots, as well as other once off-the-list healthy foods.

The very best part regarding dental implants is you will have a beautiful smile and your self esteem will probably be at an all time high. Feeling embarrassed when smiling at the job, being out with your close friends, or any other type of social setting will be a thing of the past.