TMJ or Tempero Mandibular Joint Syndrome is very common and is frequently related to a patient either clenching or grinding their teeth at night or sometimes during the day. Common symptoms include: headaches or soreness of the jaw on awakening, tight jaw muscles in the morning, earaches, popping or clicking of the jaw joint in chewing or opening, inability to open as wide or to shift the jaw from side to side.

There are a range of treatments depending on the severity of the problems and how long it has been occurring. Many patients are having an acute episode related to unusual stress and can be treated with common sense behavioral changes.

Some problems are more significant and necessitate an appliance called a nightguard which is a thin (1/4 inch thick) plastic piece which snaps over the upper teeth and is worn at night. We are able to very precisely adjust the way the teeth contact and stop the cycle of clenching and grinding. We have over 200 patients in nightguards and if they lose them or their dog eats the appliance, the patient wants a new one very soon because of the difference they make in the patient’s comfort.

The ones we fabricate are very different than the ones which are bought premade in the store. Ours aren’t bulky and don’t restrict your breathing. Ours work so well because we are able to make fine adjustments in the bite which breaks the cycle of clenching and grinding.