Time-Saving Scheduling Options

Sanders-Loe-Time-Saving-OfficeWhen you decide to set up an appointment at Sanders & Loe, you will find that we provide a variety of time-saving scheduling options in order to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

We take into account the fact that many of our patients are working adults with full-time jobs so it can be understandably challenging to fit a dental appointment into their schedules. Therefore, Sanders & Loe has extended office hours, from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, allowing us to tend to our patients before or after work. Knowing that everyone’s time is valuable, our entire office works hard to stay on time from the start of your appointment to it’s completion time.

In addition, we ensure that there are three hygienists available on two days out of every week. This enables larger families to get their teeth cleaned more efficiently so that they do not have to make multiple trips to see us.

During regular office hours, either one or both of the doctors will be available for emergency treatment. Whichever doctor you see will have full access to your dental records and X-rays.